Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Mharjorie Garan


Mharjorie Garan is definitely a fun and cool to be around! It’s delightful knowing that she is a transfer student; it is her first semester at CSULB so we discussed a lot about the campus. She came from Long Beach City College and transferred here pursing Chemical Engineering. She chose the major for money, but personally I think she can really make a huge difference with it!

Digging further in, Mharjorie lived in Long Beach before moving to Carson. She chose to be in this class mainly because she needed a class to cover an Art GE. Unfortunately, she had already taken an art class, but it was not applied from the other college.

Mharjorie is twenty-eight years old with one little brother attending Long Beach City College. He on the other hand is working towards being a nurse. She works in an office for a nursing agency; it doesn’t really help her major, but it does help with all the bills (how else would we be able to pay off our tuition?)!

Overall, it was really great getting to know Mharjorie! It’s cool that we share the same Ethnicity (Filipino) and to be honest, I think she looks waaaaay younger than she actually is!




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