Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


Plaster casting if such a unique and fun experience! The art itself though was very challenging for me and my friends. We went down to the beach on Saturday, January 28th sometime between 5:00-6:00pm. I had to come more towards the nighttime due to previous arrangements, so it was VERY cold! However, in the end creating the model was definitely a new experience for me overall worth it as well. For this project, I decided to make a model of my hand.

I started off gathering some water from the ocean; unfortunately, during this time, it was extremely cold and windy, which is never a good combination. Next, I began digging an appropriate-sized hole for my hand! I actually have not dug holes since I was very little, so it was a bit of a throwback for me. Next, once I was finished with the hole, I helped my friend make the plaster mix. Creating a plaster mold was something none of us had ever done before, so basically we were nervous in how to go about it. Furthermore, the stick we used for mixing was not really beneficial to us; after a lot of vigorous mixing, my friend Joel simply decided it was best to stir it with his hand. He used a glove, so none of the mix touched him!


When the plaster was getting mixed by my friend, my other friend Jewel began digging back the sand with my hand placed in the hole. I then took off my hand and hurriedly poured the mix into the hole. While we waited, we took pictures of the beach at night (we were near a pier, so the lights gave the ocean a certain interesting glow!). Finally, after waiting half an hour, our results did not really end us as a hand; mainly, the fingers were missing! Actually seeing and holding up the mold, we came to the conclusion it looked more like a shoe or foot than a hand. We were also intrigued with the fact that it felt quite different. I specifically thought that it would feel like a sculpture but it was definitely more rough (I don’t know if that’s the actual feel of plaster).

Overall, because did not really look like my hand, I would rather classify my plaster casting as a shoe rather than a hand. After spending time brushing off the wet sand however, my friends and I did see the ends of my fingers! We concluded that the casting must have broken off as we were unearthing it.



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