Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Emily Anne Barnett

Artists: Emily Anne Barnett

ExhibitionRecent Works on Paper

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, CSULB School of Art

MediaLithographs and Printmaking

Instagrams: @Emily_b_anne



About the Artists:

As a current graduate student of CSULB, Emily has fought hard to where she is today. Emily finished her ungraduate degree in Humboldt State University before deciding on Cal State Long Beach. She has has hosted an exhibition before, also noting how far she has come, overcoming personal issues and illnesses to be where she is today. With a renewed state, Emily is now a part of the printmaking program here in Long Beach, taking all that she has faced and illustrating it through her artwork.


Formal Analysis:


Emily states that the time it takes to complete her work various from each creation; for example, she can complete an artwork anytime between four days to a stretch of a few weeks. Furthermore, one interesting thing to note is how she inserts many overlapping techniques and styles, portraying visually the different ailments and her presentation of it. Her work is also portrayed similar to that of a child represented by the multiple images in her art.

Content Analysis:


Recent Works on Paper contains multiple prints held up by large, dark brown frames. Her images mainly create a theme of childhood, representing her past experiences and struggles with the unique sketches of art. For example, much of her work contains a little girl or stuffed teddy bears; Emily states how it illustrates her as a child, where she sought comfort in these bears to overcome her struggles.

My Experience:

In my opinion, Emily’s exhibition was amazing to look at as well as understand. Listening to her life story and everything she has been through while looking through her artwork is very inspiring. To be honest, I’ve near really given printmaking much thought, but the way she represents and stack everything together brings about a certain unity to her artwork as a whole. Listening to her struggles with depression and anxiety, I could see all them reflected in her artwork clearly. It also amazed me how she could talk sbout her life given these struggles, which makes me overall love her as a person as well.



Wk5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


This week’s art experience was very…..interesting. I asked my sister if she wanted to do it and she agreed wholeheartedly! She was actually exctied. But when I told her what we were going to do, she was confused, mainly because she never heard of this type of art (I can relate to her). When we got into positions, we did laugh a LOT. We were both pretty angsty; both of us weren’t really used to standing still or waiting long periods of time. I might add my sister was pretty pissed because my hands started sweating! As we standing moving our hands, I noticed myself really just going through the motions of what my sister was doing at first. It kind of felt like she was guiding me, but at the same time like I was a part of what was happening. I felt my hands predicting where she would take the oil crayon next, and to be honest it felt pretty weird. She told me she wasn’t particularly thinking about anything. I actually tried to cover a lot of the paper, trying to test the boundaries of the sheet. Overall, I found it REALLY cool how we both just stopped towards the end. Whether it was the pressure on my hands, I felt both of us “becoming tired” at the same time. That was a fun experience because we both opened our eyes at the same time and looked at each other smiling.

The overall picture was pretty unique and cool to me. I asked my sister what she thought it looked like and she said it looked like a shoe or a poeple standing over a teapot! I could defintely see the teapot’s shape and thought that was amazing. I thought I saw Mickey Mouse’s face, especially his ears and nose. There were a lot of lines everywhere to be honest, but you could tell very clearly where we held the pencil down hard and where we held the pencil softly. Overall, it was a very nice experience and I can’t wait to tell my friends about it!

Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Artists: Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah


GalleryCSULB School of Art

Instagrams: @wookieewarrior & @3lmski1



About the Artists:

CSULB undergraduates Elmer and Robert are both artists working to complete their Bachelor of Fine Arts program; furthermore, they both plan on achieving their master’s degree as well. With Elmer born and raised in Los Angeles and Robert born in Pico Rivera, the two up and coming artists have started painting and drawing since they were little.

Formal Analysis:

Both artists have distinguished styles and preferences in their artwork. While both portray in their paintings people they have met in their hometown or close relatives, Elmer illustrates his neighborhood in his paintings as well. On the other hand, Robert took to drawing and painting models of his family.

Something interesting to point out is that Robert takes into account the different types of materials to do his artwork in, focusing on different shapes and form to further characterize his paintings. On the other hand, Elmer’s pieces were significantly larger and definitely more abstract in his work; with larger space to paint, Elmer utilizes objects from his neighborhood as well.

Content Analysis:

Elmer decidedly attempts to portray everything about Los Angeles, highlighting specifically the homeless in his paintings. Notably, surrounding a person in the painting are multiple objects from his hometown, which further expresses the lifestyle and life of the model. Whether they are objects that he normally associates with the person or simply just objects found in LA itself, the environment appropriately illustrates what is going on in the streets of the city.

The materials and displays Robert utilizes is definitely a huge interest in Robert’s work. His work includes people he know very well and express them all with exquisite detail. As opposed to Elmer, Robert’s work is further expressed by the type of shapes and materials used.

My Experience:

I have a huge interest in painting and drawing in general, but the Immaterial Exhibition really piqued my interest with the unique styles both artists utilized. With such fine and specific detail, both Elmer and Robert express their ideas in different but similar ways; people in general are difficult to understand (form emotions to body language) which in turn also makes it difficult to draw. However, I believe Elmer and Robert illustrate their drawings with an understanding of their respective homes. Overall, it was very interesting to see each painting and their art really shined in my eyes.


Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package



This week in our Art Care Package Experience I decided to send my package to my boyfriend, Daniel. I sent it on Saturday; the package consists of a variety of art, from our doodles together in class to a few pictures of roosters for the new year. Furthermore, looking around my room and finding things I feel would be “special” to both of us, I found postcards during my time in Europe over the winter as well as a multitude of images portraying music.

I see ephemera as a precious thing – it is a collection of moments and memories that have been kept but may have not been stored in safe places. It definitely holds value over time and I believe it even helps you remember the “good times” as years pass by. A great example of this is the note I kept from our year anniversary. It’s meaning still holds true to this day! In addition, I also kept the envelope that was given to me from his mother, which symbolized a Chinese New Year. From there, I decided to color in a rooster of my own that I found in one of my coloring books a long time ago.

I believe there is a huge difference between art that is seen by many people as opposed to art that is seen by few. To the receiver, it makes you look at each of the creations with a certain focus. Furthermore, it makes you feel a little special inside since it was all created specifically for the receiver as well.  Museums and Art Galleries on the other hand have more interpretation and meaning; in short, it carries more of a “world” view than an individual one. Effort and time definitely makes more of a difference to the receiver.




Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: SCRY BABY

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Media: Print Making Department

Instagram: Klart760




About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez is a wonderful artist who resides in San Diego. He aims to achieve a Bachelor in Fine Arts here in California State University, Long Beach and ultimately do graduate school as well. His interest first began in painting, but his creative thinking and imagination led him to choose printmaking as he had natural skill in it. Kelvin absolutely loves putting his life experiences into his work, uniquely in the form of crystals. He believes they are a symbolism of looking through one’s life and personalizes his art as well. He has multiple artists he admires that influences his work, but his real inspiration came from one of his professors who introduced a green onym to him: this interest grew as he researched more into these crystal and the meaning of it.

Formal Analysis

As previously stated, Kelvin loves illustrating his life experiences into his work. Not only does he include people, places and objects into his work, he also “encases” them into crystals, further portraying a similar action to scrying, where one can peer into his life and know more about him. Some crystals are perfectly straight and clearly jagged, while others appear broken with little cracks or shadows emitting a mysterious feel as well. These events can be interpreted as several cases: either a crystal emitting an event from the future, present or past.


Content Analysis

No matter the mood or emotion, Kelvin loves to show a variety of events in his life that overall characterizes him as not only an artist, but as a fellow human being as well. Some crystals portray unhappy or dismal moods while others express a joyful, content feel as well. In order to further his motivation in art, Kelvin likes to illustrate more recent likes such as his dog.


Overall, I loved Kelvin’s whole exhibition and the work and meaning he placed into each and every piece of his art. One of my favorite works of his was the Fancy Man, and art peice that contained a beautiful drawing of a man encased in crystal. From the shape of the crystal to the broken and deadpanned look of the man’s face, I believe Kelvin captured the emotion well of being “frozen” in time. Froim his face and body language, he looks resigned to the rest of the world, accepting of a dark fate given to him, something I belived to be true with all the warm and dark colors enveloping him.



Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Romo


This week was amazing because I was able to make a new friend, Maria Romo! As a freshman, she is just discovering what she wants in life but I definitely know that whatever she picks, it’s going to be amazing. She is a Psychology major currently, but she wants to change into Communications; this is great because I know for a fact that she is a great communicator and debator! I also advised her in being an art major however, as her drawings, or at least her ID index card, was absolutely amazing.

She took this class in order to fufill a General Education requirement, which is a little like me! However, she has had experience in drawing and has taken several art classes throughout her middle and high school years. She enoys sketching the most and is advanced enough to know the differences in choosing a quality pencil, pan or paper to create beautiful things. How could she not love art???

In terms of outside activities and interests, Maria loves musicals; her favorites are Les Meseriable and La La Land. I personally concur with the latter, as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were amazing! Other interests include hiking and cooking. Something really interesting about her is that in high school, she attended multiple cooking competitions and even came out winning an award for some of them! That’s definite skill right there. Like me, she also enjoys sports, her number one and two being soccer and basketball (Yay!) respectively.

What really made me love Maria the most was her optimism and her ambitions in the future. I love when we talked about our mutal interests and our skills and tried to come up with something we can make together! For example, Icurrently have a fantasy of creating a cartoon with her using her exceptioinal drawing skills. She can be the voice actor and drawer 🙂



Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Karen Luau


img_1894Meet my newest friend, Karen Luau!  She’s 18 years old attending California State University, Long Beach majoring in Business. She’s a first year freshment: it’s only her first semester here, and for me personally it is pretty cool meeting people younger than me (I feel so old). Just kidding I feel suuuper old, I have no idea where my time went, I don’t feel like a junior!

Similar to me, she loves music in general, but her too favorite genres are alternative and indie music. As we were talking about our love for music, I felt very comrtable talking with her and her choice in genres made me think about the songs I used to listen to back in the day (Paramore, Fall out Boy, Regina Spektor). Overall, it’s nice to know that whereever I go, even in a art class, people will have similar interests! I also discovered she loves listening to music while doing anything, from doing her makeup, homework or just walking around campus.

She’s also slowly trying to go vegan, which a very bold and respectable thing for a person to do! Personally, I wouldn’t last a DAY without eating meat or any animal-produced products. My sister tried to do it but instead of going full vegan she decided to simply eat healthier. I on the other hand absolutely despise vegetables and al things heathly, which my parents hate the most about me. But back to Karen – I realy think she can do it!

In the end, it was nice meeting a new friend and I feel we were very comfortable around each other; she reminds me of my one Business major friend, Grace!

Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscape with a Corpse



I really enjoyed doing this project! My friends and I spent a couple of hours on Sunday trying to find the “perfect” place to take a picture. We mostly went around my neighborhood, which included a multitude of parks, recreation centers, and a library. (Note how we weren’t really football fans.) Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a “perfect” spot to take a picture; my sister wanted us to portray something like a murder scene, and frankly it was pretty awkward trying to act dead while strangers stared at you weirdly. So, we decided to just drive a car around my house.

At first, I wanted to take a picture of a murder scene with the pool, illustrating as if someone drowned me. My friend Jewel decided to go even more overboard by wanting to buy a toy gun and some red color dye to act as if someone shot me and make the pool a red color. However, we decided against this because we thought it would rain (and mess everything up).

In the end, while driving around the houses near me, we saw a cool looking slow sign. I decided to use my neighbor’s sign as a prop to act as if I’ve been hit by a car. It was a good thing my friend brought a basketball to emphasize that I really was a “kid at play.” Since the weather was also pretty cloudy and looked as if it would rain, we also took a side shot to portray the grim mood from the environment around us.