Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscape with a Corpse



I really enjoyed doing this project! My friends and I spent a couple of hours on Sunday trying to find the “perfect” place to take a picture. We mostly went around my neighborhood, which included a multitude of parks, recreation centers, and a library. (Note how we weren’t really football fans.) Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a “perfect” spot to take a picture; my sister wanted us to portray something like a murder scene, and frankly it was pretty awkward trying to act dead while strangers stared at you weirdly. So, we decided to just drive a car around my house.

At first, I wanted to take a picture of a murder scene with the pool, illustrating as if someone drowned me. My friend Jewel decided to go even more overboard by wanting to buy a toy gun and some red color dye to act as if someone shot me and make the pool a red color. However, we decided against this because we thought it would rain (and mess everything up).

In the end, while driving around the houses near me, we saw a cool looking slow sign. I decided to use my neighbor’s sign as a prop to act as if I’ve been hit by a car. It was a good thing my friend brought a basketball to emphasize that I really was a “kid at play.” Since the weather was also pretty cloudy and looked as if it would rain, we also took a side shot to portray the grim mood from the environment around us.



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