Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Karen Luau


img_1894Meet my newest friend, Karen Luau!  She’s 18 years old attending California State University, Long Beach majoring in Business. She’s a first year freshment: it’s only her first semester here, and for me personally it is pretty cool meeting people younger than me (I feel so old). Just kidding I feel suuuper old, I have no idea where my time went, I don’t feel like a junior!

Similar to me, she loves music in general, but her too favorite genres are alternative and indie music. As we were talking about our love for music, I felt very comrtable talking with her and her choice in genres made me think about the songs I used to listen to back in the day (Paramore, Fall out Boy, Regina Spektor). Overall, it’s nice to know that whereever I go, even in a art class, people will have similar interests! I also discovered she loves listening to music while doing anything, from doing her makeup, homework or just walking around campus.

She’s also slowly trying to go vegan, which a very bold and respectable thing for a person to do! Personally, I wouldn’t last a DAY without eating meat or any animal-produced products. My sister tried to do it but instead of going full vegan she decided to simply eat healthier. I on the other hand absolutely despise vegetables and al things heathly, which my parents hate the most about me. But back to Karen – I realy think she can do it!

In the end, it was nice meeting a new friend and I feel we were very comfortable around each other; she reminds me of my one Business major friend, Grace!


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