Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: SCRY BABY

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Media: Print Making Department

Instagram: Klart760




About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez is a wonderful artist who resides in San Diego. He aims to achieve a Bachelor in Fine Arts here in California State University, Long Beach and ultimately do graduate school as well. His interest first began in painting, but his creative thinking and imagination led him to choose printmaking as he had natural skill in it. Kelvin absolutely loves putting his life experiences into his work, uniquely in the form of crystals. He believes they are a symbolism of looking through one’s life and personalizes his art as well. He has multiple artists he admires that influences his work, but his real inspiration came from one of his professors who introduced a green onym to him: this interest grew as he researched more into these crystal and the meaning of it.

Formal Analysis

As previously stated, Kelvin loves illustrating his life experiences into his work. Not only does he include people, places and objects into his work, he also “encases” them into crystals, further portraying a similar action to scrying, where one can peer into his life and know more about him. Some crystals are perfectly straight and clearly jagged, while others appear broken with little cracks or shadows emitting a mysterious feel as well. These events can be interpreted as several cases: either a crystal emitting an event from the future, present or past.


Content Analysis

No matter the mood or emotion, Kelvin loves to show a variety of events in his life that overall characterizes him as not only an artist, but as a fellow human being as well. Some crystals portray unhappy or dismal moods while others express a joyful, content feel as well. In order to further his motivation in art, Kelvin likes to illustrate more recent likes such as his dog.


Overall, I loved Kelvin’s whole exhibition and the work and meaning he placed into each and every piece of his art. One of my favorite works of his was the Fancy Man, and art peice that contained a beautiful drawing of a man encased in crystal. From the shape of the crystal to the broken and deadpanned look of the man’s face, I believe Kelvin captured the emotion well of being “frozen” in time. Froim his face and body language, he looks resigned to the rest of the world, accepting of a dark fate given to him, something I belived to be true with all the warm and dark colors enveloping him.




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