Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Romo


This week was amazing because I was able to make a new friend, Maria Romo! As a freshman, she is just discovering what she wants in life but I definitely know that whatever she picks, it’s going to be amazing. She is a Psychology major currently, but she wants to change into Communications; this is great because I know for a fact that she is a great communicator and debator! I also advised her in being an art major however, as her drawings, or at least her ID index card, was absolutely amazing.

She took this class in order to fufill a General Education requirement, which is a little like me! However, she has had experience in drawing and has taken several art classes throughout her middle and high school years. She enoys sketching the most and is advanced enough to know the differences in choosing a quality pencil, pan or paper to create beautiful things. How could she not love art???

In terms of outside activities and interests, Maria loves musicals; her favorites are Les Meseriable and La La Land. I personally concur with the latter, as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were amazing! Other interests include hiking and cooking. Something really interesting about her is that in high school, she attended multiple cooking competitions and even came out winning an award for some of them! That’s definite skill right there. Like me, she also enjoys sports, her number one and two being soccer and basketball (Yay!) respectively.

What really made me love Maria the most was her optimism and her ambitions in the future. I love when we talked about our mutal interests and our skills and tried to come up with something we can make together! For example, Icurrently have a fantasy of creating a cartoon with her using her exceptioinal drawing skills. She can be the voice actor and drawer 🙂




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