Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package



This week in our Art Care Package Experience I decided to send my package to my boyfriend, Daniel. I sent it on Saturday; the package consists of a variety of art, from our doodles together in class to a few pictures of roosters for the new year. Furthermore, looking around my room and finding things I feel would be “special” to both of us, I found postcards during my time in Europe over the winter as well as a multitude of images portraying music.

I see ephemera as a precious thing – it is a collection of moments and memories that have been kept but may have not been stored in safe places. It definitely holds value over time and I believe it even helps you remember the “good times” as years pass by. A great example of this is the note I kept from our year anniversary. It’s meaning still holds true to this day! In addition, I also kept the envelope that was given to me from his mother, which symbolized a Chinese New Year. From there, I decided to color in a rooster of my own that I found in one of my coloring books a long time ago.

I believe there is a huge difference between art that is seen by many people as opposed to art that is seen by few. To the receiver, it makes you look at each of the creations with a certain focus. Furthermore, it makes you feel a little special inside since it was all created specifically for the receiver as well.  Museums and Art Galleries on the other hand have more interpretation and meaning; in short, it carries more of a “world” view than an individual one. Effort and time definitely makes more of a difference to the receiver.





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