Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Artists: Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah


GalleryCSULB School of Art

Instagrams: @wookieewarrior & @3lmski1



About the Artists:

CSULB undergraduates Elmer and Robert are both artists working to complete their Bachelor of Fine Arts program; furthermore, they both plan on achieving their master’s degree as well. With Elmer born and raised in Los Angeles and Robert born in Pico Rivera, the two up and coming artists have started painting and drawing since they were little.

Formal Analysis:

Both artists have distinguished styles and preferences in their artwork. While both portray in their paintings people they have met in their hometown or close relatives, Elmer illustrates his neighborhood in his paintings as well. On the other hand, Robert took to drawing and painting models of his family.

Something interesting to point out is that Robert takes into account the different types of materials to do his artwork in, focusing on different shapes and form to further characterize his paintings. On the other hand, Elmer’s pieces were significantly larger and definitely more abstract in his work; with larger space to paint, Elmer utilizes objects from his neighborhood as well.

Content Analysis:

Elmer decidedly attempts to portray everything about Los Angeles, highlighting specifically the homeless in his paintings. Notably, surrounding a person in the painting are multiple objects from his hometown, which further expresses the lifestyle and life of the model. Whether they are objects that he normally associates with the person or simply just objects found in LA itself, the environment appropriately illustrates what is going on in the streets of the city.

The materials and displays Robert utilizes is definitely a huge interest in Robert’s work. His work includes people he know very well and express them all with exquisite detail. As opposed to Elmer, Robert’s work is further expressed by the type of shapes and materials used.

My Experience:

I have a huge interest in painting and drawing in general, but the Immaterial Exhibition really piqued my interest with the unique styles both artists utilized. With such fine and specific detail, both Elmer and Robert express their ideas in different but similar ways; people in general are difficult to understand (form emotions to body language) which in turn also makes it difficult to draw. However, I believe Elmer and Robert illustrate their drawings with an understanding of their respective homes. Overall, it was very interesting to see each painting and their art really shined in my eyes.



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