Wk5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


This week’s art experience was very…..interesting. I asked my sister if she wanted to do it and she agreed wholeheartedly! She was actually exctied. But when I told her what we were going to do, she was confused, mainly because she never heard of this type of art (I can relate to her). When we got into positions, we did laugh a LOT. We were both pretty angsty; both of us weren’t really used to standing still or waiting long periods of time. I might add my sister was pretty pissed because my hands started sweating! As we standing moving our hands, I noticed myself really just going through the motions of what my sister was doing at first. It kind of felt like she was guiding me, but at the same time like I was a part of what was happening. I felt my hands predicting where she would take the oil crayon next, and to be honest it felt pretty weird. She told me she wasn’t particularly thinking about anything. I actually tried to cover a lot of the paper, trying to test the boundaries of the sheet. Overall, I found it REALLY cool how we both just stopped towards the end. Whether it was the pressure on my hands, I felt both of us “becoming tired” at the same time. That was a fun experience because we both opened our eyes at the same time and looked at each other smiling.

The overall picture was pretty unique and cool to me. I asked my sister what she thought it looked like and she said it looked like a shoe or a poeple standing over a teapot! I could defintely see the teapot’s shape and thought that was amazing. I thought I saw Mickey Mouse’s face, especially his ears and nose. There were a lot of lines everywhere to be honest, but you could tell very clearly where we held the pencil down hard and where we held the pencil softly. Overall, it was a very nice experience and I can’t wait to tell my friends about it!


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