Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Emily Anne Barnett

Artists: Emily Anne Barnett

ExhibitionRecent Works on Paper

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, CSULB School of Art

MediaLithographs and Printmaking

Instagrams: @Emily_b_anne



About the Artists:

As a current graduate student of CSULB, Emily has fought hard to where she is today. Emily finished her ungraduate degree in Humboldt State University before deciding on Cal State Long Beach. She has has hosted an exhibition before, also noting how far she has come, overcoming personal issues and illnesses to be where she is today. With a renewed state, Emily is now a part of the printmaking program here in Long Beach, taking all that she has faced and illustrating it through her artwork.


Formal Analysis:


Emily states that the time it takes to complete her work various from each creation; for example, she can complete an artwork anytime between four days to a stretch of a few weeks. Furthermore, one interesting thing to note is how she inserts many overlapping techniques and styles, portraying visually the different ailments and her presentation of it. Her work is also portrayed similar to that of a child represented by the multiple images in her art.

Content Analysis:


Recent Works on Paper contains multiple prints held up by large, dark brown frames. Her images mainly create a theme of childhood, representing her past experiences and struggles with the unique sketches of art. For example, much of her work contains a little girl or stuffed teddy bears; Emily states how it illustrates her as a child, where she sought comfort in these bears to overcome her struggles.

My Experience:

In my opinion, Emily’s exhibition was amazing to look at as well as understand. Listening to her life story and everything she has been through while looking through her artwork is very inspiring. To be honest, I’ve near really given printmaking much thought, but the way she represents and stack everything together brings about a certain unity to her artwork as a whole. Listening to her struggles with depression and anxiety, I could see all them reflected in her artwork clearly. It also amazed me how she could talk sbout her life given these struggles, which makes me overall love her as a person as well.



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