Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis


Artist: David DeSantis

ExhibitionDay Dreamer

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, CSULB School of Art


Instagrams: @rapturefineart

About the Artist:

David DeSantis is a  CSULB senior who is a part of the School of Art’s Printmaking program. David regards himself as a adrenaline junkie who also loves to attend music concerts; he also loves sports, especially snowboarding. He decided to pursue an art degree during his teenage years, switching from graphic design to printmaking because he thought the former wasn’t really interesting.


Formal Analysis:

DeSantis’ work consists of a variety of sketches and prints; he especially loves screenprinting and working with plexiglass. Specifically, his artwork involves many intricate lines and shading; at some pieces it is crisp and sharp, clearly defining the picture. In others, it is more of a blur, still retaining the picture as a whole but with a unique structure to it as well. He specializies in points and making use of the white spaces to fully form his images.


Content Analysis:

David’s drawings and artwork relates heavily on his interests, ranging from animals such as bears and wolves to taking a more landscape approach as well. He desires to explore and try to expand on his creavity by creating a variety of images separate from one another. Music played a huge part to this.

My Experience:

I absolutely loved all the pieces from his exhibition Day Dreamer. I also loved how he explained and expressed his passion and motivation for drawing. We also relate in a way that we both love listening to music while drawing; for me however, I love to listen to more classical and jazz. Ultimately, his images, which don’t really even consists of many colors (most of them are black and white), still illustrate such a beautiful setting.


Wk9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


I tried my best to do bubble letters but it was REALLY hard to do with spray paint! I ended up doing this with spray paint, and because of this, I really respect graffiti artists in general now. I acquired the spray paint from my dad, who had some in our garage. I tried to mock how I see graffiti in my city, but I don’t think it came out well.

My parents lent me a huge cardbox box; I had asked them if I could use the walls from the backyard, but my mom was highly against it.It took me a couple of tries just to get a name out! It was mostly the coloring: when I tried the red paint first followed by the blue, I ended up with a not-so-good-looking blend. However I realized having the dark colors first would not only look better but would give my graffiti writing a shadow-like feel.

Overall, this experience was very enlightening. I was able to to kind of feel like a graffiti artist by the time I did my final writing. It was fun being able to actually write on something that wasnt a piece of paper; I could definitely see people, who regard this as an actual art, to really feel like they are leaving a mark in the world.

Wk8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting


One thing I noticed right off the bat was how difficult finger painting was as I tried it. I’ve painted before using acrylics, and after this experience I have never been so thankful about the creation of a paintbrush! Overall however, it was very satisfying to draw using your hands when painting.

For this experience I used some cheap acrylics that I had purchased during a sale a few months ago; it was the perfect opportunity to use them! I came into it not really knowing what I was drawing. This was actually very liberating; I did not have to copy or see images from any pictures, and I really felt unpressured to draw “as good” as another artist.  I decided to start with the background and have the middle be the focus point where I would capture all the attention. I used very dark colors, a mix of black, blue and violent for the background. I realized it looked a lot like an “abyss” feeling, so I kept the colors dark throughout the whole piece.

Towards the middle, I needed something that would stand out above all the dark colors, so I decided to choose a few light colors such as orange, green, brilliant red and white. What started as a simple hole turned into an eye, so I went with this scheme. Looking at my piece right now, it seems to multiple viewers that a “scary” eye has appeared out of nowhere, crying. My sister commented that it looked a lot like the game I was currently playing, so I may have been influenced by that.


Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Carry Nguyen

This week I met a new friend via one of the acquaitences I met with in Art class! Her name is Carry Nguyen. We talked most of the time via text messages, but she definitely felt like a friend I met ages ago.

Carry is actually the first Heal Care Administration Major I’ve met, and from her I learned a lot about what they actually study. She is actually a lot like my friends Grace and Rebecca who I met at high school. It was also really cool knowing that it was her first semester here; she is a transfer student from IVC. She transferred here because it was very close to where she lives!

She decided to choose Art 110 because she wanted a class that was both fun and less stressful than her major courses; she says she doesn’t draw that great but I believe she is truly an artist.

As a health care major, she spends a lot of time volunteering; she also looks to find meetings pertaining to her major and that talk about her field. Overall, she was a very funny and bright person to hang around with!


Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan


Artist: Elena Roznovan

ExhibitionStop and Stare

Gallery: Gastov Gallery, CSULB School of Art

MediaScreens and Video

Instagrams: @eroznovan


About the Artists:

As a second year graduate from California State University, Long Beach, Elena Roznovan has innate experience in the school of art. Finishing her undergraduate degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art, she found a passion for sculpting when arriving to California. Her desires and interests shifted from drawing and painting to more about lighting and installations.

Formal Analysis:

Elena’s exhibitions consists of multiple individual pieces formed into one cohesive artwork. Forming a video installation and utilizing a Californian background as well as well-placed lights, Elena grasps a 2D window with a 4D content to express an overall 3D environment.She also made sure the environment was well-darkened to fully portray the light screens in her piece; she shows this by having window screens put up in certain angles.

Content Analysis:

With the assistance of the projector, the artwork looked a lot like a 3D video being displayed. The carefully crafted peices of work along with the moving california background loop was interesting. Window screen props to bring out the light into certain areas highlighted the importance aspect of this piece.

My Experience:

Going into the room I was a little bit confused as to what was happening; however, listening to Elena talk about her peice with such passion and delight was very contagious. I saw things she has pointed out in a new light, and her exhibition’s presentation was amazing. At first it looked more like a movie, which was still pretty pleasant to see, but looking and relishing each peice and how it fit into the bigger picture was ultimately a very humble experience.


Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Sohee Son

It was really nice to be able to meet Sohee Son (https://a6yss.wordpress.com/)  this week! She is actually an exchange student from South Korea who is only staying one semester here 😥

Sohee came into California State University, Long Beach as a Graphic Design major. She is actually a third year student. At 21 years old, she loves going to parties, haha. She chose California out of all the states in the United States because of the weather and also because of Disneyland! She is planning to go with her other two friends from her home country soon. Sohee also chose California because of the landscapes; she loves nature just like me!

In her free time she loves reading and watching scary stories – completely opposite of me, by the way. I get frightened so much. She also loves playing video games; her favorite game is Overwatch.

As for drawing, she loves the visual arts aspect of things and is also skilled in Photoshop- I’m so jealous! She also carries her own drawing tablet, which I have always wanted, because she just loves to draw.

Overall, Sohee is a lovely person to be around, and I feel like she is the type of person everyone enjoys spending time with. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of ourselves.

Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines and FlipBooks


I especially loved this week’s Art Experience because I was able to draw everything I loved about the new game my friends and I bought: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. On March 3rd, the Nintedo Switch came out, and the long-awaited game for years was playable. Many online gaming critic sites have rated it 10/10, so it was deinfitely a game everyone was waiting for. Because of its popularity, I decided to draw my zine about it.

The cover protrays the beginning of the game and the first screenshot that Nintedo introduced to us. It covers the vast land over a cliff mentality, where Link gaves to the plateau that the player can explore. The another picture I liked to draw was Link himself! The portait contains the main character, Link, shooting a bow and arrow into the enemy. It occured during the trailer and portrayed all the lovely graphics of this game! Finally, the last picture I loved to draw while I played the game was the monster, ChuChu. It is basically a small, blue blob that jumps on you. This is the game’s recurring monster and was highly detailed as well.

Overall, drawing everything was a fun experience and if I was to create another zine, it would be my trip to Japan this summer break! I would look online at al the places I want to visit and draw them so I could be very excited and remember the places I want to visit. Another thing I would have drawn was my time in Europe last winter. There were so many paintings to see and view, my zine would be VERY long!


Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Story




Carmina Correa


CSULB School of Art




I jumped, or more appropiately fell, off my bed in a daze. Groggy from sleep, I scrambled to my feet, still half-asleep. What sounded like a huge explosion had shaken my house. Everything was shaking; my bed, the table across from me, and even the fan above me swayed back and forth. My phone dropped from the small table near my bed. I grabbed the device and checked the time – 12:07AM, just a few minutes past midnight. What was going on?

Hesistantly, I peered out the window of my two story house, frightened but also slightly curious as to what could have caused this noise.

Tan. Pale. And slightly furry.

My whole vision was filled with a large….thing. A pole? A tree? ….. A leg??

Shaking my head, I raced down the stairs. It was as if there was an earthquake happening, but I felt in my guilt it was nothing like that. From the hall of my house, books and lamps had fallen over. I careful stepped arround the mess and went out the door to my house.

Fully awake from the noise and the cold night breeze, the first thing I heard was the screaming. People were running to their cars, carrying and packing  whatever they could and hightailing out of the neighborhood.Trees had fallen in all angles; my large palm tree in front of my house leaned dangerously towards my next door negihbor’s lawn. Car alarms blared on and off. Telephone polls lay flat on the streets as well. A small, lanky boy, who must have been left behind my his parents, sat on the asphalt ground bawling his eyes out. What the hell was happening?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I looked up – and immediately I wished I hadn’t.

My eyes widened. I unintentionly dropped my phone on the floor, my mouth open wide, stunned.

In front of me stood the largest dog I have ever seen. It’s tan fur shone under the pale moonlight sky. It’s feet magestically trudged onward toward the east. It’s teeth, sharp and pointed and HUGE, almost as long as a door and wide as a car, glistened brightly. I would have never felt both amazement and utterfly frightened if not for this creature standing in front of me. I may have even regarded it as an ideal dog that I wanted to have.

But what had me frightened the most was its eyes. It glared at random buildings, and LAZERS shot out of it with frightening speed. The huge dog left a trail of fire and rubble in its wake.

I could only think of one thing as my parents, who had finally also gotten up and checked outside to see what was happening, shouted and grabbed me by the arm.