Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines and FlipBooks


I especially loved this week’s Art Experience because I was able to draw everything I loved about the new game my friends and I bought: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. On March 3rd, the Nintedo Switch came out, and the long-awaited game for years was playable. Many online gaming critic sites have rated it 10/10, so it was deinfitely a game everyone was waiting for. Because of its popularity, I decided to draw my zine about it.

The cover protrays the beginning of the game and the first screenshot that Nintedo introduced to us. It covers the vast land over a cliff mentality, where Link gaves to the plateau that the player can explore. The another picture I liked to draw was Link himself! The portait contains the main character, Link, shooting a bow and arrow into the enemy. It occured during the trailer and portrayed all the lovely graphics of this game! Finally, the last picture I loved to draw while I played the game was the monster, ChuChu. It is basically a small, blue blob that jumps on you. This is the game’s recurring monster and was highly detailed as well.

Overall, drawing everything was a fun experience and if I was to create another zine, it would be my trip to Japan this summer break! I would look online at al the places I want to visit and draw them so I could be very excited and remember the places I want to visit. Another thing I would have drawn was my time in Europe last winter. There were so many paintings to see and view, my zine would be VERY long!



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