Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Story




Carmina Correa


CSULB School of Art




I jumped, or more appropiately fell, off my bed in a daze. Groggy from sleep, I scrambled to my feet, still half-asleep. What sounded like a huge explosion had shaken my house. Everything was shaking; my bed, the table across from me, and even the fan above me swayed back and forth. My phone dropped from the small table near my bed. I grabbed the device and checked the time – 12:07AM, just a few minutes past midnight. What was going on?

Hesistantly, I peered out the window of my two story house, frightened but also slightly curious as to what could have caused this noise.

Tan. Pale. And slightly furry.

My whole vision was filled with a large….thing. A pole? A tree? ….. A leg??

Shaking my head, I raced down the stairs. It was as if there was an earthquake happening, but I felt in my guilt it was nothing like that. From the hall of my house, books and lamps had fallen over. I careful stepped arround the mess and went out the door to my house.

Fully awake from the noise and the cold night breeze, the first thing I heard was the screaming. People were running to their cars, carrying and packing  whatever they could and hightailing out of the neighborhood.Trees had fallen in all angles; my large palm tree in front of my house leaned dangerously towards my next door negihbor’s lawn. Car alarms blared on and off. Telephone polls lay flat on the streets as well. A small, lanky boy, who must have been left behind my his parents, sat on the asphalt ground bawling his eyes out. What the hell was happening?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I looked up – and immediately I wished I hadn’t.

My eyes widened. I unintentionly dropped my phone on the floor, my mouth open wide, stunned.

In front of me stood the largest dog I have ever seen. It’s tan fur shone under the pale moonlight sky. It’s feet magestically trudged onward toward the east. It’s teeth, sharp and pointed and HUGE, almost as long as a door and wide as a car, glistened brightly. I would have never felt both amazement and utterfly frightened if not for this creature standing in front of me. I may have even regarded it as an ideal dog that I wanted to have.

But what had me frightened the most was its eyes. It glared at random buildings, and LAZERS shot out of it with frightening speed. The huge dog left a trail of fire and rubble in its wake.

I could only think of one thing as my parents, who had finally also gotten up and checked outside to see what was happening, shouted and grabbed me by the arm.



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