Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan


Artist: Elena Roznovan

ExhibitionStop and Stare

Gallery: Gastov Gallery, CSULB School of Art

MediaScreens and Video

Instagrams: @eroznovan


About the Artists:

As a second year graduate from California State University, Long Beach, Elena Roznovan has innate experience in the school of art. Finishing her undergraduate degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art, she found a passion for sculpting when arriving to California. Her desires and interests shifted from drawing and painting to more about lighting and installations.

Formal Analysis:

Elena’s exhibitions consists of multiple individual pieces formed into one cohesive artwork. Forming a video installation and utilizing a Californian background as well as well-placed lights, Elena grasps a 2D window with a 4D content to express an overall 3D environment.She also made sure the environment was well-darkened to fully portray the light screens in her piece; she shows this by having window screens put up in certain angles.

Content Analysis:

With the assistance of the projector, the artwork looked a lot like a 3D video being displayed. The carefully crafted peices of work along with the moving california background loop was interesting. Window screen props to bring out the light into certain areas highlighted the importance aspect of this piece.

My Experience:

Going into the room I was a little bit confused as to what was happening; however, listening to Elena talk about her peice with such passion and delight was very contagious. I saw things she has pointed out in a new light, and her exhibition’s presentation was amazing. At first it looked more like a movie, which was still pretty pleasant to see, but looking and relishing each peice and how it fit into the bigger picture was ultimately a very humble experience.



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