Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Sohee Son

It was really nice to be able to meet Sohee Son (https://a6yss.wordpress.com/)  this week! She is actually an exchange student from South Korea who is only staying one semester here 😥

Sohee came into California State University, Long Beach as a Graphic Design major. She is actually a third year student. At 21 years old, she loves going to parties, haha. She chose California out of all the states in the United States because of the weather and also because of Disneyland! She is planning to go with her other two friends from her home country soon. Sohee also chose California because of the landscapes; she loves nature just like me!

In her free time she loves reading and watching scary stories – completely opposite of me, by the way. I get frightened so much. She also loves playing video games; her favorite game is Overwatch.

As for drawing, she loves the visual arts aspect of things and is also skilled in Photoshop- I’m so jealous! She also carries her own drawing tablet, which I have always wanted, because she just loves to draw.

Overall, Sohee is a lovely person to be around, and I feel like she is the type of person everyone enjoys spending time with. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of ourselves.


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