Wk8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting


One thing I noticed right off the bat was how difficult finger painting was as I tried it. I’ve painted before using acrylics, and after this experience I have never been so thankful about the creation of a paintbrush! Overall however, it was very satisfying to draw using your hands when painting.

For this experience I used some cheap acrylics that I had purchased during a sale a few months ago; it was the perfect opportunity to use them! I came into it not really knowing what I was drawing. This was actually very liberating; I did not have to copy or see images from any pictures, and I really felt unpressured to draw “as good” as another artist.  I decided to start with the background and have the middle be the focus point where I would capture all the attention. I used very dark colors, a mix of black, blue and violent for the background. I realized it looked a lot like an “abyss” feeling, so I kept the colors dark throughout the whole piece.

Towards the middle, I needed something that would stand out above all the dark colors, so I decided to choose a few light colors such as orange, green, brilliant red and white. What started as a simple hole turned into an eye, so I went with this scheme. Looking at my piece right now, it seems to multiple viewers that a “scary” eye has appeared out of nowhere, crying. My sister commented that it looked a lot like the game I was currently playing, so I may have been influenced by that.



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