Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Carry Nguyen

This week I met a new friend via one of the acquaitences I met with in Art class! Her name is Carry Nguyen. We talked most of the time via text messages, but she definitely felt like a friend I met ages ago.

Carry is actually the first Heal Care Administration Major I’ve met, and from her I learned a lot about what they actually study. She is actually a lot like my friends Grace and Rebecca who I met at high school. It was also really cool knowing that it was her first semester here; she is a transfer student from IVC. She transferred here because it was very close to where she lives!

She decided to choose Art 110 because she wanted a class that was both fun and less stressful than her major courses; she says she doesn’t draw that great but I believe she is truly an artist.

As a health care major, she spends a lot of time volunteering; she also looks to find meetings pertaining to her major and that talk about her field. Overall, she was a very funny and bright person to hang around with!



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