Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis


Artist: David DeSantis

ExhibitionDay Dreamer

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, CSULB School of Art


Instagrams: @rapturefineart

About the Artist:

David DeSantis is a  CSULB senior who is a part of the School of Art’s Printmaking program. David regards himself as a adrenaline junkie who also loves to attend music concerts; he also loves sports, especially snowboarding. He decided to pursue an art degree during his teenage years, switching from graphic design to printmaking because he thought the former wasn’t really interesting.


Formal Analysis:

DeSantis’ work consists of a variety of sketches and prints; he especially loves screenprinting and working with plexiglass. Specifically, his artwork involves many intricate lines and shading; at some pieces it is crisp and sharp, clearly defining the picture. In others, it is more of a blur, still retaining the picture as a whole but with a unique structure to it as well. He specializies in points and making use of the white spaces to fully form his images.


Content Analysis:

David’s drawings and artwork relates heavily on his interests, ranging from animals such as bears and wolves to taking a more landscape approach as well. He desires to explore and try to expand on his creavity by creating a variety of images separate from one another. Music played a huge part to this.

My Experience:

I absolutely loved all the pieces from his exhibition Day Dreamer. I also loved how he explained and expressed his passion and motivation for drawing. We also relate in a way that we both love listening to music while drawing; for me however, I love to listen to more classical and jazz. Ultimately, his images, which don’t really even consists of many colors (most of them are black and white), still illustrate such a beautiful setting.


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