Wk9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


I tried my best to do bubble letters but it was REALLY hard to do with spray paint! I ended up doing this with spray paint, and because of this, I really respect graffiti artists in general now. I acquired the spray paint from my dad, who had some in our garage. I tried to mock how I see graffiti in my city, but I don’t think it came out well.

My parents lent me a huge cardbox box; I had asked them if I could use the walls from the backyard, but my mom was highly against it.It took me a couple of tries just to get a name out! It was mostly the coloring: when I tried the red paint first followed by the blue, I ended up with a not-so-good-looking blend. However I realized having the dark colors first would not only look better but would give my graffiti writing a shadow-like feel.

Overall, this experience was very enlightening. I was able to to kind of feel like a graffiti artist by the time I did my final writing. It was fun being able to actually write on something that wasnt a piece of paper; I could definitely see people, who regard this as an actual art, to really feel like they are leaving a mark in the world.


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