Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Artist: Alice Andreini

ExhibitionNo Mans Land

Gallery: Gatov East Gallery

MediaOil painting

About the Artist:

Alice Andreini is a CSULB graduate student planning to graduate with a Master’s in Fine Arts degree with the school’s School of Art Drawing and Painting program. She learned of her love for painting about six years ago. She considers painting a hobby and loves to draw during her past time; furthermore, she also loves to read novels and poetry (and write as well). Currently she has created three exhibits, all with a unique style.


Formal Analysis:

Alice involves and draws her audience by actively manipulating the way people normally view and perceive things. With large canvases with the dimensions of mostly 76″ X 68″, Alice paints with numerous colors from right pastels to more warm and dark tones in each art piece. Her work also includes a grid-style format, drawing people to think about the space and dimension of her work as well.


Content Analysis:

Alice’s paintings mainly consist of landscapes, creating a spatial illusion that try to question and define the way we human perceive at things. Her pieces also include unique structures in them as well, from a change in geography to multiple lines stretching across the canvas.

My Experience:

I am not familiar with oil painting before, but I do have some experience in painting with acrylics. Something I have started to respect with artists is their size of the canvas, and Alice has created outstandingly beautiful pieces of work given the large size of white space she has had to cover. Her view and attention to her audience inspires me and it is interesting to note how she is able to draw many people by warping a certain sense, ultimately resulting in multiple views and opinions.


Wk12 – Art Experience – Ethnography


Spending the night without electricity was just as bad as I imagined. I thought I could get by by just reading books under a candlelight for the rest of the day, but to be honest, I became bored very quickly. It was really hard taking my mind off of my phone and the internet, and I only got through one third of the book before losing internet. I then attempted to distract myself by drawing, but I did not account for how dark my environment would be. Before sleeping, I simply looked up at the ceiling, thinking. Nothing other than finals and quizzes were on my mind, but other than that, I did not really have anything to think about.

Living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because it is easier to really spend time experiencing your surroundings. Without any distractions, my ears picked up a lot of the the things that I wouldn’t have heard due to my preference of playing music in the background. I slept earlier than usual; normally, at nights, I would spend at least one or two more hours on my bed browsing through the internet.

In the past, I think people would sit by the fireplace and converse with each other, which is probably one of the reasons why people were so intimate with each other as opposed to the present day. Another option during that time would be the fact that they naturally slept and woke up early. This would be my most probably action if I lived in the past where there was no electricity.

Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Diana Martinez



This week I got a good chance to meet Diana! Even though she had already done her classmate conversation, when I asked her she was still more than willing to be my friend, haha! She lives near Torrance (Gardena) which is actually close to my boyfriend’s house and I think I passed by her major street once. What a small world.

She is a first year student majoring in Marine Biology, which is actuallu REALLY cool. I’ve never met a person with her major before, so I was able to learn so much from her. I was actually thinking of taking the marine biology class to fufill my science requirement, and seh says it’s totally worth it because of the field trip!

It was cool either way though; when I said my major was computer science, she was actually of thinking of changing her major to engineering because she is pretty good at math. I told her Compuer Science is definitely math based. 🙂

We share a lot of the same interests too! We both love nature and exploring. We both told each other great places to see around socal; I recommended Crystal Cove or Top of the World because of the amazing views. It’s also a perfect place for picture-maniacs! We also share the same music taste too! We love EDM; she likes Chainsmokers and Porter Robinson like me but also Flume too.

Wk11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu


Artist: Yujia Gu

ExhibitionTracing gun violence in the USA

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

MediaInfo-graphics, LED

Instagrams: @yujia_gu

About the Artist:

Yujia Gu is a CSULB graduate student majoring in Graphics Design. Her mom was an important aspect in her life as well as in her artwork. She became aware of gun violence when her mom worried that she would study abroad in the United States and heard news of a lot of violence towards international students. She was inspired then to create pieces visualizing these situations. Aside from her work, she loves to spend time creating designs of her own regarding brands, posters and logos.


Formal Analysis:

Yujia illustrates through her art the statistics regarding gun violence. In her hopes to spread awareness of this matter, she includes various topics in her work about shootings, determining the age and location of where they take place. In addition, she also showcases this using a LED display of how many people die from this every day.

Content Analysis:

Yujia showcases a powerful message in her work: “More and more people are buying guns to protect themselves from more and more people who are buying guns.” With pictures and information regarding the victims of gun violence, Yujia reveals that gun control is a necessity to stop this cycle of killings.

My Experience:

I was deeply moved with this exhibition. Given the recent shootings the past few years, Yujia takes a very current event and succeeds in informing the world of what is happening and the cause. Yujia also displays this in a simple but very powerful way, revealing accurate information to further her point of the violence spreading through the United States. It was heartbreaking seeing the faces and names on the wall she created of the victims.

Wk10 – Art Experience – The Wedge


In regards to the FA4 Wedge, I have proposed two additions to the current architecture of the building. I have added a new door as well as extended the pavement to walk. By doing this, more people will be able to go in and out fo the premises in a timely and orderly manner. The only fault of this design is the costs for pavement and the door; however, we would only be losing a few bushes and would not need to remove the huge tree in the way. Another fault, which is in my opinion not really a fault, would be the building having double doors on the same side. To counteract this however, I could argue that many people normally use the wedge as a means of entering and exiting the building.

Overall, this design is ideal for people who want to go in and out of FA4 in a hurry. People are smart enough to determine that it is courteous to use the right side of the door to open, and having another door would lessen the traffic from inside the building. People would both get in and out faster as well.

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Clare Samani


Artist: Clare Samani


Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


Instagrams: @clares_printing

About the Artist:

David DeSantis is a  CSULB student aiming for her Bachelor’s of Art degree; she is currently majoring in printmaking. Clare’s dream is to attend LSU, Baton Rogue for her graduate degree. Things she likes to do besides working on her art pieces include watching movies as well as spending quality time with friends. She views “art” as a way of life.

Formal Analysis:

Samani’s work consists of multiple prints of clothes; each piece illustrates a unique aspect of clothing, but all of Clare’s artwork contain a certain personally to each one. For example, the summer dress illustrated on the top right photo, contain flowers that give off a certain “summer” feel to the piece. Furthermore, many summer colors are used in the dress, such as red and light pink.

Content Analysis:

Samani’s prints are all based off on real clothes. The pieces also reflect the size of the clothes as well, making them seem “life-sized.” Samani utilizes her love of fashion, primarily American fashion, to drive her work. She also loves to explore different types of fashion throughout the world, appreciating each style by showing it in her work.

My Experience:

Personally, I loved Samani’s gallery as soon as I stepped into it. All of her peices come out unqiue, from the various types of designs to even the unique colors she uses in each piece as well. My favorite one was the turquoise summer dress; in all honesty, pictures do not do her art pieces justice. The attention to detail of each fold baffled me as I looked at it close up! Overall, Clare definitely has a talent for portraying what she sees.