Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Clare Samani


Artist: Clare Samani


Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


Instagrams: @clares_printing

About the Artist:

David DeSantis is a  CSULB student aiming for her Bachelor’s of Art degree; she is currently majoring in printmaking. Clare’s dream is to attend LSU, Baton Rogue for her graduate degree. Things she likes to do besides working on her art pieces include watching movies as well as spending quality time with friends. She views “art” as a way of life.

Formal Analysis:

Samani’s work consists of multiple prints of clothes; each piece illustrates a unique aspect of clothing, but all of Clare’s artwork contain a certain personally to each one. For example, the summer dress illustrated on the top right photo, contain flowers that give off a certain “summer” feel to the piece. Furthermore, many summer colors are used in the dress, such as red and light pink.

Content Analysis:

Samani’s prints are all based off on real clothes. The pieces also reflect the size of the clothes as well, making them seem “life-sized.” Samani utilizes her love of fashion, primarily American fashion, to drive her work. She also loves to explore different types of fashion throughout the world, appreciating each style by showing it in her work.

My Experience:

Personally, I loved Samani’s gallery as soon as I stepped into it. All of her peices come out unqiue, from the various types of designs to even the unique colors she uses in each piece as well. My favorite one was the turquoise summer dress; in all honesty, pictures do not do her art pieces justice. The attention to detail of each fold baffled me as I looked at it close up! Overall, Clare definitely has a talent for portraying what she sees.


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