Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Diana Martinez



This week I got a good chance to meet Diana! Even though she had already done her classmate conversation, when I asked her she was still more than willing to be my friend, haha! She lives near Torrance (Gardena) which is actually close to my boyfriend’s house and I think I passed by her major street once. What a small world.

She is a first year student majoring in Marine Biology, which is actuallu REALLY cool. I’ve never met a person with her major before, so I was able to learn so much from her. I was actually thinking of taking the marine biology class to fufill my science requirement, and seh says it’s totally worth it because of the field trip!

It was cool either way though; when I said my major was computer science, she was actually of thinking of changing her major to engineering because she is pretty good at math. I told her Compuer Science is definitely math based. 🙂

We share a lot of the same interests too! We both love nature and exploring. We both told each other great places to see around socal; I recommended Crystal Cove or Top of the World because of the amazing views. It’s also a perfect place for picture-maniacs! We also share the same music taste too! We love EDM; she likes Chainsmokers and Porter Robinson like me but also Flume too.


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