Wk12 – Art Experience – Ethnography


Spending the night without electricity was just as bad as I imagined. I thought I could get by by just reading books under a candlelight for the rest of the day, but to be honest, I became bored very quickly. It was really hard taking my mind off of my phone and the internet, and I only got through one third of the book before losing internet. I then attempted to distract myself by drawing, but I did not account for how dark my environment would be. Before sleeping, I simply looked up at the ceiling, thinking. Nothing other than finals and quizzes were on my mind, but other than that, I did not really have anything to think about.

Living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because it is easier to really spend time experiencing your surroundings. Without any distractions, my ears picked up a lot of the the things that I wouldn’t have heard due to my preference of playing music in the background. I slept earlier than usual; normally, at nights, I would spend at least one or two more hours on my bed browsing through the internet.

In the past, I think people would sit by the fireplace and converse with each other, which is probably one of the reasons why people were so intimate with each other as opposed to the present day. Another option during that time would be the fact that they naturally slept and woke up early. This would be my most probably action if I lived in the past where there was no electricity.


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