Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Artist: Alice Andreini

ExhibitionNo Mans Land

Gallery: Gatov East Gallery

MediaOil painting

About the Artist:

Alice Andreini is a CSULB graduate student planning to graduate with a Master’s in Fine Arts degree with the school’s School of Art Drawing and Painting program. She learned of her love for painting about six years ago. She considers painting a hobby and loves to draw during her past time; furthermore, she also loves to read novels and poetry (and write as well). Currently she has created three exhibits, all with a unique style.


Formal Analysis:

Alice involves and draws her audience by actively manipulating the way people normally view and perceive things. With large canvases with the dimensions of mostly 76″ X 68″, Alice paints with numerous colors from right pastels to more warm and dark tones in each art piece. Her work also includes a grid-style format, drawing people to think about the space and dimension of her work as well.


Content Analysis:

Alice’s paintings mainly consist of landscapes, creating a spatial illusion that try to question and define the way we human perceive at things. Her pieces also include unique structures in them as well, from a change in geography to multiple lines stretching across the canvas.

My Experience:

I am not familiar with oil painting before, but I do have some experience in painting with acrylics. Something I have started to respect with artists is their size of the canvas, and Alice has created outstandingly beautiful pieces of work given the large size of white space she has had to cover. Her view and attention to her audience inspires me and it is interesting to note how she is able to draw many people by warping a certain sense, ultimately resulting in multiple views and opinions.


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