Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura López

Artist: Laura López

Exhibition: Selvàtica 

MediaOil painting

About the Artist:

Laura López is working towards her Master’s in Fine Arts degree here in CSULB. Her home country is from Columbia; Laura loved jungles ever since she visited one a very years ago. She decided to pursue art when she realized she had the freedom to do and paint whatever she desired.

Formal Analysis:

Laura utilizes oil paintings as well as large canvases to portray her artwork. Looking closely, some oil paints are more thick and concentrated than others. Her name for the exhibition, which means “wild,” is clearly evident in her works; much of her paintings contain a vast amount of bright and dark colors.Various patterns are also shown throughout al her pieces, combining at times pieces of nature to animals as well. Many are cleverly placed so that some may even look like they are disguised in the painting.

Content Analysis:

Laura’s paintings are mainly inspired from her love of jungles. She loves the various types of animals and nature that can thrive under jungles, something that definitely piqued her interest when trying to find a theme to paint. In addition, she sees it as an inspiration that she is able to associate plants and animals living coherently; from their similar patterns to their presence in the environment, Laura sees that both can make one large ecosystem that ties each other together.

My Experience:

Her use of bright and dark colors got my attention very easily when I entered her exhibition. I loved her choice and mix of colors, as they also kind of represented her view on how the jungle seemed in her eyes, which would be exotic and open. I personally loved how many of the lines would interweave and connect with other objects in the painting; for example, it was amazing how she was able to connect two animals, a jaguar and zebra, in one painting I saw. Overall, I loved many of her pieces and appreciated how large the canvas was.


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