Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Anais Cedillos


This week I got to meet Anais, or Ana! She is a freshman studying biology; when she graduates, she wants to be a pediatrician! Ana has a half brother who is currently five years old. She lives in Downey and also attended Downey High School as well. It was cool that she was on the basketball as well as volleyball team in high school! Unfortunately, we did not play each other even though our schools do face off from time to time. She quit her sports team after her sophomore year in high school to focus on her studies.

Ana loves to hang out with her friends; normally, she likes to visit a lot of food places in LA! To be honest I don’t know if I would stand all the traffic going there, haha. She also likes watching shows on Netflix, some of them being Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy. Generally, she loves shows that have a lot of drama in them. She also volunteers for t-ball. In the summer of 2016, Ana went to Europe! It was cool because we went to a lot of similar countries: she visited France and Spain. She loved the Eiffel Tower in France and loved EVERYTHING about Spain! It makes me want to visit there too! Overall, Ana is such a fun and exciting person to be around.


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