Wk 15 – EC Post – Class Evaluation

Overall, I definitely loved this class and all the different types of art experiences we had to do! It was amazing learning about different styles of art. In the beginning I only saw art as painting or drawing. Art 110 made me learn that there is much more to art than just that.

I think slack is a great idea! I have to use slack in my major mainly for group projects, and this class also helped my learn how to navigate and communicate using this website. I loved how all the grades were posted on beachboard frequently as well. Maybe an advice for the future would be to choose only one way of communicating with you? I was unclear of what was the best method to talk with you if I had any questions. I recommend slack + WordPress over beachboard.

3 Favorite Activities
Finger Painting
Grafitti Writing
Sketching in the Garden
3 Least Favorite Activities
Ethnography: just didn’t like it, electricity is EVERYTHING to me haha :’)
Architecture – The Wedge: wasn’t as “interesting” as other activities
Plaster Casting: very messy and hard to clean

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