Wk15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking

My first and primary 5-year plan that I hope to live out in the next few years if the life as a university professor. To begin with, I plan on applying to multiple opportunities to teach English abroad in Japan. Japan has been a country I have wanted to visit for quite some time, and I am well acquainted with its culture and traditions. I plan on applying to programs like the JET Programme, with also offer housing options with this as well. My hope is to be accepted so that I can teach abroad right after I get my degree in Computer Science. To continue my studies, I look to also create games for the phone. After a year, I look to apply to grad schools within Japan or back in the United States. I will then spend two years in grad school and finally apply to be a college professor.

If I ever do have the opportunity to be financially secure for the rest of my life, I plan to simply travel around the world (maybe with close friends or my boyfriend from time to time) and blog about it! It’s been my dream to live and experience different cultures, and if I ever had a lot of money I would definitely spend my life traveling. Maybe every few years or so I would also volunteer abroad as well. In this type of life, I wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on an expensive car and house. Most likely I would simply rent an apartment since I would be moving all the time and probably wouldn’t even be home too.

Finally, if being a college professor falls through and I am also rejected to teaching in high school (my second option), I would then focus on getting a Computer Science job in either Japan or New Zealand. I still plan on teach abroad for one year, but instead of going to grad school I would focus my time on getting an entry-level job in big-name tech companies. Two of my dream companies would be Sony or Nintendo if I was to work in Japan. I would also settle for any small, private company as well. My mother insisted that  I get a good job with life benefits, and many tech companies offer such as deal no matter how big the company is.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.27.06 PM


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